“Liz & Carrie, Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Source Point is a welcoming, peaceful, warm place that I always enjoy. I so appreciate your knowledge-from acupuncture points, to herbs, to dietary/lifestyle suggestions. We are so excited for our newest addition to arrive this winter! Thank you for everything!” -MK


This is a wonderful letter one of our long time patients shared with us. It was written to her orthopedic surgeon.

“You had asked me to share flyers and cards with you from Source Point, Community Acupuncture. You were interested due to our discussion at my last appointment when I had shared how beneficial the acupuncture treatments have been for both my knees and hip. My husband has also been receiving treatments after his hip revision surgery and he, as well, has felt that these treatments have supported his recovery.

Elizabeth Ross and Carrie Tempalski, are both former emergency room nurses. They studied together and finished a Masters in Chinese Medicine in 2008. Their facility is located near old town at 317 North Meldrum. Source Point is consistently welcoming and open to new clients. You can visit the website: https://www.sourcepointcommunity.com/ . In visiting this web sites potential clients are able to take a virtual tour of the facility. Treatment costs are on a sliding scale from $25.00 – $55.00. Individuals decide what price they would like to pay. The philosophy of Source Point is to encourage individuals to feel financially comfortable with several treatments. The belief is that treatments over time make the most significant differences. If individuals chose, a private room is also available and that cost is $70.00.

I can’t say enough good things about both of these therapists and their work. Elizabeth and Carrie both are extremely professional and exceptionally knowledgeable. A brief conference before each treatment assures that patients are heard as well as receiving treatment for any additional concerns that can be supported through acupuncture. Nevertheless, should medical concerns arise, Carrie and Elizabeth are well versed in medical issues and assure that patients seek medical intervention and support when necessary.


“I’ve been seeing Carrie at Source point Acupuncture, for years. Sometimes I am sporadic and go when I have an acute issue, and other times I am more consistent and go about once a week or so. Carrie is a great listener, takes in what she hears, and even more, is intuitive about what she hears, and then creates the most effective treatment, using the vast gifts of her knowledge and the needles!

Lately, I’ve gone through a long cycle of emotional stress and depression. Carrie has helped me get to the root causes and then recommended Esoteric Acupuncture to work on a deeper level than what I am used to. My limited understanding is that this process is unique to every person, and unique to each time it is used. Carrie uses her intuition to guide her in creating a pattern to use on me, which include sacred geometries and such. I don’t really understand how and why this works.

What I do know is that the first time I had the treatment, I awoke the next day feeling like a new person. Or rather, I was closer to the old me, from which I had strayed. I felt closer to my own Center, my Core, and my Truth. This manifested in a feeling of familiarity, of finding something lost, of recognition. I felt energized and even happy, after a long depression. The results were profound and immediate. The subsequent treatment continues to work through the layers of all that is keeping me from being the most fully actualized person I can be. Now, I am closer to that part of my Self , every day. I am so very grateful for all Carrie and this treatment has done for me in my life.”


I had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove a ‘giant cell tumor’ below my right ankle.  I visited Source Point acupuncture every weekday for two weeks.  At my first followup visit this morning, two orthopedic technicians were discussing whether I would have a “cast or a boot,” to which I replied, “I’m not having either one, I plan to walk out of here like I walked into surgery 2 weeks ago.”  They smiled, knowingly, and said to each other, ‘cast or boot.’  Within minutes, the Orthopedic Surgeon was there and determined neither cast nor boot was needed.  The technicians were astounded, I was pleased and want to thank Carrie and Liz at Source Point Acupuncture for the daily sessions.  My next followup is in a month.  I have a standing appointment Monday mornings, which is a great way to start the week  There is so much so say about the atmosphere at Source Point and the owners and employees there….in sum, and 3 short words, “efficient, proficient and munificent.”  Thanks to everyone there!