We believe access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. Here, at Source Point Community Acupuncture, we offer treatments in a quiet, collective healing space. Our objective is to maximize our capacity, which will minimize our costs (not your treatment). We rely on our patients who have the ability to pay more to offset those who pay less. We understand everyone’s financial situation is different. We allow you, the patient, to choose what you pay within our sliding scale range, no questions asked. Every individual is treated equally, no matter what they pay.

**All treatments are by appointment,
please call our office at 970-689-3760 to schedule a session.


Community Room Treatment:
$30 – $85

Fees for treatment are offered on a Sliding Scale. We trust you will value receiving treatment and pay what you can afford. No income verification required.

There is a one time initial administrative fee of $10 for all first time patients.

Private Acupuncture Treatments:
Starting at $75

Please call to schedule and discuss options available.


Herbal formulas and dietary supplements are available, and prices vary.

Our clinic has a full Chinese herbal pharmacy including hundreds of raw herbs, a broad range of Chinese patent herbs, and many other herbal supplements in pill or capsule form.
We also carry a wide range of topical formulas, many produced by local makers.
We take pride in providing high quality raw and patent herb
formulas that have been lab tested to ensure they are free of pesticides and heavy metals. We choose organic growers whenever