It all started in the 1990’s. We went to nursing school and became Registered Nurses because we wanted to help people. We began our careers in environments where people were assigned numbers and identified by their diseases and symptoms. It seemed, at times, that the human connection was being buried in technology, and the “cure” was often worse than the disease. We began to ask “with all of these advances in science and technology how did this person end up getting this sick?”

We came to the realization that patients need a paradigm focused on their own human healing capacity. One that recognizes imbalances in the body before that disharmony becomes the tipping point to illness and disease. We acknowledged the need for another way to look at things.

Our independent searches for “something different” lead us to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is known both for treating illness at its root and has a greater emphasis on supporting wellness and health maintenance. This was the key we had been looking for to help ourselves, our families and our friends.

Although we met while working in Emergency Nursing in 2004, we were both unaware that the other had made this magnificent discovery. Soon we found out that we were both making plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We were thrilled to learn we would be spending the next four years accomplishing this goal together.

What started out as a dream soon became a plan to bridge the differences between Eastern and Western Medicine. This gave rise to Source Point Community Acupuncture in 2008.

Our vision has been flourishing and offering holistic, comprehensive and supportive care to our community for several years. We are grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey, we look forward to building a healthier community one person at a time.