Carrie Tempalski RN, MSTCM. L. Ac. Dipl. Ac.

I was born a seeker, and as a child I knew that I needed to understand more than what I could see before me. This curiosity has led my life down a winding path, eventually to my career as an acupuncturist. I was born in Fort Collins and raised by a loving family who enjoyed the outdoors and taught me gratitude for the earth, nature, and the value of an active life.

I began my first career as an EMT, working in a local emergency department. Just a few years later I went to nursing school and became an RN. I worked in Emergency Medicine for over 20 years.
In the mid 1990’s I started to seek out a new paradigm for my own health and wellbeing, and without

knowing it, my path was about to unfold before me. This is when my own journey with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine began. I became a regular acupuncture recipient and unlocked the door to my own healing path. I began to incorporate yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices into my life. A few years later, I began my course of study at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I completed my Master’s degree in 2008, and am recognized as Diplomate of Acupuncture by the NCCAOM.

Since that time I have been fortunate to have studied Esoteric Acupuncture with Dr. Mikio Sankey and become an approved Esoteric Acupuncture Practitioner. I have also studied meditation, Reiki, Taoist philosophies and Qi Gong and have become a Certified External Qi Healer. Meditation, movement, spiritual expansion, and a love of the outdoors are essential to my continued wellness and growth and to being the best practitioner I can be.