What is Esoteric Acupuncture?

Esoteric acupuncture isn’t just another style of acupuncture. The system and treatment strategy was developed over many years by Mikio Sankey Ph.D, L.Ac. He defines this methodology as a way of life… “This way of life emphasizes the awakening and expansion of our spiritual center.”

This expanded system combines the essence of tetrahedral and hyperspatial (sacred geometries); the Flower of Life; the Quabbalistic Tree of Life; the Hundu chakra system of Laya Yoga (also known as Kundalini Yoga); esoteric numbers; Djwhal Khul’s Tibetan teachings; and other aspects of the Ageless Wisdom philosophies. These are all integrated into an organized, usable format within the framework of Traditional Chinese acupuncture. Simultaneously, there is focus placed on the importance of nutrition and meditation as it relates to our energetic being.

Carrie Tempalski RN, MSTCM, L.Ac. has been trained extensively by Dr. Sankey to provide these complex treatments to assist our healing process on many levels.

For more information, email carrie@sourcepointcommunity.com or see Dr. Sankey’s website.