Dear Community,

Because of the unknowns with COVID-19 we have made a decision to close our clinic to aid in the efforts to slow the transmission of the virus in our community.

We are still taking phone calls during business hours and doing herbal consults over the phone or via chat.

We are happy to talk to anyone about their ailments or concerns and can leave herbs for you to pick up.

We have the same herbal formulas used in Wuhan Hospital for prevention of the virus. We also offer formulas based on Chinese Medicine principles in treating upper respiratory viruses for those who think they have been infected, or for those who just want to have something on hand.

Some commentators have suggested that about 80% of cases are mild in nature, about 15% are serious, requiring treatment, and about 5% are very serious, with potential for death (mainly because of preexisting health problems of the individual). The currently reported rate of deaths/infections is about 3%, but because mild cases are underreported, an actual lower rate of fatality is very likely.

The best things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy remains the same as any other cold/flu season:
-wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after contact with others, before food preparation, after using the restroom, after going out in public…
-keep your hands away from your face
-Get good/ adequate sleep
-Eat a nutrient dense diet, avoiding processed foods or sugar
-Try to keep your stress level low (meditate, deep breath, do “your flow”)
-Take time out each day to take breaks outside, away from media sources
-Reach out to your friends and loved ones to support them

When there is more sufficient data about mode of transmission of COVID-19 we can make an informed decision about how to go about treating patients in our clinic in a safe and responsible manner. We will keep you posted!

Warm regards, Carrie and Elizabeth

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